Layered point clouds

Enrico Gobbetti, Fabio Marton
Eurographics Symposium on Point Based Graphics, page 113--120, 227 - june 2004
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We present a simple point-based multiresolution structure for interactive visualization of very large point sampled models on consumer graphics platforms. The structure is based on a hierarchy of precomputed object-space point clouds. At rendering time, the clouds are combined coarse-to-fine with a top-down structure traversal to locally adapt sample densities according to the projected size in the image. Since each cloud is made of a few thousands of samples, the multiresolution extraction cost is amortized over many graphics primitives, and host-to-graphics communication effectively exploits on-board caching and object based rendering APIs. The progressive block based refinement nature of the rendering traversal is well suited to hiding out-of-core data access latency, and lends itself well to incorporate backface, view frustum, and occlusion culling, as well as compression and view-dependent progressive transmission. The resulting system allows rendering of complex models at high frame rates (over 60M splat/second), supports network streaming, and is fundamentally simple to implement.

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