Towards a psychophysical evaluation of a surgical simulator for bone-burring

Gavin Brelstaff, Marco Agus, Andrea Giachetti, Enrico Gobbetti, Gianluigi Zanetti, Antonio Zorcolo, Bruno Picasso, Stefano Sellari Franceschini
Proc. Second Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization, page 139-143 - august 2005
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The CRS4 experimental bone-burr simulator implements visual and haptic effects through the incorporation of a physics-based contact model and patient-specific data. Psychophysical tests demonstrate that, despite its simplified model and its inherent technological constraints, the simulator can articulate material differences, and that its users can learn to associate virtual bone with real bone material. Tests addressed both surface probing and interior drilling task. We also explore a haptic contrast sensitivity function based on the model s two main parameters: an elastic constant and an erosion factor. Both parameters manifest power-law-like sensitivity with respective exponents of around two and three. Further tests may reveal how well simulator users perceive fine differences in bone material, like those encountered while drilling through real volume boundaries.

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