3D functional models of monkey brain through elastic registration of histological sections

Fabio Bettio, Francesca Frexia, Andrea Giachetti, Enrico Gobbetti, Giovanni Pintore, Gianluigi Zanetti
International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, Springer-Verlag Inc. - september 2005
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In this paper we describe a method for the reconstruction and visualization of functional models of monkey brains. Models are built through the registration of high resolution images obtained from the scanning of histological sections with reference photos taken during the brain slicing. From the histological sections it is also possible to acquire specifically activated neuron coordinates introducing functional information in the model. Due to the specific nature of the images (texture information is useless and the sections could be deformed when they were cut and placed on glass) we solved the registration problem by extracting corresponding cerebral cortex borders (extracted with a snake algorithm), and computing from their deformation an image transform modeled as an affine deformation plus a non-linear field evaluated as an elastically constrained deformation minimizing contour distances. Registered images and contours are used then to build 3D models of specific brains by a software tool allowing the interactive visualization of cortical volumes together with the spatially referenced neurons classified and differently colored according to their functionalities.

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