Scalable Rendering of Massive Triangle Meshes on Light Field Displays

Fabio Bettio, Enrico Gobbetti, Fabio Marton, Giovanni Pintore
Computers & Graphics, Volume 32, Number 1, page 55--64 - february 2008
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We report on a multiresolution rendering system driving light field displays based on a specially arranged array of projectors and a holographic screen. The system gives multiple freely moving naked-eye viewers the illusion of seeing and manipulating 3D objects with continuous viewer-independent parallax. Multi-resolution techniques which take into account the displayed light field geometry are employed to dynamically adapt model resolution to display capabilities and timing constraints. The approach is demonstrated on two different scales: a desktop PC driving a 7.4Mbeams TV-size display, and a cluster-parallel solution driving a large (1.6x0.9 meters) 35Mbeams display which supports a room-size working space. In both cases, massive meshes of tens of millions of triangles are manipulated at interactive rates.

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