Visual enhancements for improved interactive rendering on light field displays

Marco Agus, Giovanni Pintore, Fabio Marton, Enrico Gobbetti, Antonio Zorcolo
Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference - november 2011
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Rendering of complex scenes on a projector-based light field display requires 3D content adaptation in order to provide comfortable viewing experiences in all conditions. In this paper we report about our approach to improve visual experiences while coping with the limitations in the effective field of depth and the angular field of view of the light field display. We present adaptation methods employing non-linear depth mapping and depth of field simulation which leave large parts of the scene unmodified, while modifying the other parts in a non-intrusive way. The methods are integrated in an interactive visualization system for the inspection of massive models on a large scale 35MPixel light field display. Preliminary results of subjective evaluation demonstrate that our rendering adaptation techniques improve visual comfort without affecting the overall depth perception.

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