A Cloud-Computing Service for Environmental Geophysics and Seismic Data Processing

Zeno Heilmann, Paolo Maggi, Andrea Piras, Guido Satta, Gian Piero Deidda, Ernesto Bonomi
Geophysical Research Abstracts - 2012
Cloud computing is establishing worldwide as a new high performance computing paradigm that offers formidable possibilities to industry and science. The presented cloud-computing portal, part of the Grida3 project, provides an innovative approach to seismic data processing by combining open-source state-of-the-art processing software and cloud-computing technology, making possible the effective use of distributed computation and data management with administratively distant resources. We substituted the user-side demanding hardware and software requirements by remote access to high-performance grid-computing facilities. As a result, data processing can be done quasi in real-time being ubiquitously controlled via Internet by a user-friendly web-browser interface. Besides the obvious advantages over locally installed seismic-processing packages, the presented cloud-computing solution creates completely new possibilities for scientific education, collaboration, and presentation of reproducible results.

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