Guiding Lens-based Exploration using Annotation Graphs

Moonisa Ahsan, Fabio Marton, Ruggero Pintus, Enrico Gobbetti
Proc. Smart Tools and Applications in Graphics (STAG), page 85--90 - october 2021
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We introduce a novel approach for guiding users in the exploration of annotated 2D models using interactive visualization lenses. Information on the interesting areas of the model is encoded in an annotation graph generated at authoring time. Each graph node contains an annotation, in the form of a visual markup of the area of interest, as well as the optimal lens parameters that should be used to explore the annotated area and a scalar representing the annotation importance. Graph edges are used, instead, to represent preferred ordering relations in the presentation of annotations. A scalar associated to each edge determines the strength of this prescription. At run-time, the graph is exploited to assist users in their navigation by determining the next best annotation in the database and moving the lens towards it when the user releases interactive control. The selection is based on the current view and lens parameters, the graph content and structure, and the navigation history. This approach supports the seamless blending of an automatic tour of the data with interactive lens-based exploration. The approach is tested and discussed in the context of the exploration of multi-layer relightable models.

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