Davide's Publications

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Publications in 2021
Peer-reviewed publications in National Journals
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Carole Salis, Marie Florence Helga Wilson, Zedda Davide, Barbara Letteri
Bricks AICA-Siel pages 67--77 vol. N.1 2021 (speciale) - february 2021
issn: 2239-6187

Peer-reviewed publications in international events
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Carole Salis, Zedda Davide, Federica Isidori, Roberto Cusano, Francesco Cabras, Marie Florence Helga Wilson, Federico Cau, Lucio Davide Spano
Visions and Concepts for Education 4.0 - Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative and Blended Learning (ICBL2020) Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing pages 77--85 Auer, Michael E., Centea, Dan - 2021
issn: 2194-5357
isbn: 978-3-030-67209-6   doi: