Head-tracked stereo viewing with two-handed 3D interaction for animated character construction

Russell Turner, Enrico Gobbetti, Ian Soboroff
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 15, Number 3, page 197--206, 470 - september 1996
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In this paper, we demonstrate a new interactive 3D desktop metaphor based on two-handed 3D direct manipulation registered with head-tracked stereo viewing. In our configuration, a six-degree-of-freedom head-tracker and CrystalEyes shutter glasses are used to produce stereo images that dynamically follow the user head motion. 3D virtual objects can be made to appear at a fixed location in physical space which the user may view from different angles by moving his head. The user interacts with the simulated 3D environment using both hands simultaneously. The left hand, controlling a Spaceball, is used for 3D navigation and object movement, while the right hand, holding a 3D mouse, is used to manipulate through a virtual tool metaphor, the objects appearing in front of the screen because of negative parallax. In this way, both incremental and absolute interactive input techniques are provided by the system. Hand-eye coordination is made possible by registration between virtual and physical space, allowing a variety of complex 3D tasks to be performed more easily and more rapidly than is possible using traditional interactive techniques. The system has been tested using both Polhemus Fastrak and Logitech ultrasonic input devices for tracking the head and 3D mouse.

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