Using shared ontologies for communication and personalization

Collected Posters - ISWC 2002 - First International Semantic Web Conference, page 41 - june 2002
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Our general objective is to dynamically compose server side Java applications to create value-added services. Each service is independent and supplies information usable by other ones. The resulting service features are personalization of rendered information and use of geo-referenced data. The Semantic Web addresses a better cooperation between computers and people. To address these issues we enhanced interoperability between services. We built an ontology shared by all services and used it as a lingua franca. We also provided tools that allow Java-based services to export data in a RDF form understandable by all. Finally we used logic rules for inferring and filtering data to enhance personalization. A personal travel assistant was implemented to explored how services can cooperate in the personalization process and how services may communicate by exporting adequate RDF(S) documents.

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