Il cgml: una soluzione basata su xml per la rappresentazione di mappe vettoriali su dispositivi mobili

Roberto Demontis, Emanuela De Vita, Andrea Piras, Stefano Sanna
Proceedings Of The 8th ASITA Conference - - 2004
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Enhanced mobile device performances, in terms of CPU power, memory capacity, display capabilities and adoption of wideband connectivity based on local wireless (WiFi) and cellular (UMTS) networks, bring interactive mapping and access to Location Based Services (LBS) to mobile phones and PDAs. The use of XML language in the LBS influences data structure, functionalities and performances; although it could be time and memory expensive, it guarantees service interoperability. The GML language (Geographic Markup Language) is "de facto" standard in data exchanging between Geographic Information Systems. The GML has not been designed to represent vector map: it has to be transformed into another XML language, for example the graphical-oriented XML language Mobile SVG. To avoid the separation between the geographic data (GML) and its visualization (Mobile SVG), keeping vector mapping on mobile devices, we have designed the cGML (compact Geographic Markup Language). The data encoded using cGML is a vector map, so that it can be used in the graphic representation, but at the same time it is a container of geographical related data set, homogenous for semantic and usable in local processing on the mobile device.

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