Mobile lessons and gpsweb: mobile classrooms with georeferenced information

Davide Carboni, Antonio Pintus, Andrea Piras, Stefano Sanna, Gavino Paddeu
Methods And Technologies For Learning, Volume 1, page 349--353 - march 2005
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A complementary approach to the classic classroom lessons is represented by outdoor taken on the field lessons. This approach is a way to get lessons more interesting and more attractive for the students. In fact, they can improve their knowledge directly on the field and feel more involved having the opportunity to behave autonomously while teachers have the opportunity to verify the student's knowledge without traditional paper-based tests and exams. The use of new communication technologies and mobile devices lets teachers and students to move on a site realizing a true mobile lesson. Based on such considerations and using the GPSWeb concepts and technology, we have developed one prototype able to support mobile and on-the-field lessons called Mobile Lessons.

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