The cgml: a xml language for mobile cartography.

Roberto Demontis, Emanuela De Vita, Andrea Piras, Stefano Sanna
Technical Report 05/14, CRS4, Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia, Number 05/14 - april 2005
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Increasing processing power and storage capabilities encourage systematic adoption of high-end mobile devices, such as programmable cellular phones and wireless-enabled PDA to implement new exciting applications. The performances of modern mobile devices are bringing innovative scenarios, based on position awareness and ambient intelligence paradigms. The market is moving from old 'Wireless Applications' approach to Mobile Computing, which aims to exploit mobile host capabilities. This paper presents the compact Geographic Markup Language (cGML), an XML-based language defined to enable design and development of LBS applications specific for mobile devices, and an example of client-server architecture using it.

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