Webrogue: meet web people

Alessandro Soro, Ivan Marcialis, Davide Carboni
Web Based Communities, page 267--271 - february 2005
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WebRogue is an application for virtual presence over the Web. It is implemented by coupling a Web client and a Chat client, so that each time the user downloads a Web page he or she can see who is connected to that site and chat with them. Users can decide to talk in couples, or simply speak loud, so that anyone that is watching that page can listen, or even scream so that everybody on the web-site can listen. Additionally two or more users can decide to form a group and surf together, one of them being the leader, that the others will follow. Whenever the leader changes URL, the page loaded on the browsers of anybody else in the group will change accordingly. The goal of WebRogue is to enable the birth of online communities around web-sites of interest, allowing exchange of opinions, in a free, non moderated manner, between site visitors and site owners, and thus it is designed with freedom of speech in mind. Nobody can moderate a WebRogue channel, no subscription or authentication is required, and the service doesnt rely on any particular application to be installed server-side in web-sites, for them to become meeting points for WebRogue users.

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