Webrogue: virtual presence in web sites

Alessandro Soro, Ivan Marcialis, Davide Carboni, Gavino Paddeu
Proceedings Of The 14th International WWW Conference, Volume - - 2005
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WebRogue is an application for virtual presence over the Web. It provides the Web Browser with a chat subwindow that allows users connected to the same Web site to meet, share opinions and cooperate in a totally free, non moderated and uncensored environment. Each time the user loads a Web page in the Web Browser, WebRogue opens a discussion channel in a centralized server application, that is completely decoupled from the Web server, using the URL of the Web site as a key. Thus whenever a new page is loaded the user can see who is connected, as if entering a physical site. Interactivity is supported by means of two type of commands: comunication commands allow synchronous interaction as with chat or instant messaging software; users can decide to talk in couples, or simply speak loud, so that anyone that is watching the same page can listen, or even scream so that everybody on the web-site can listen. Social commands allow cooperation: two or more users can decide to form a group and surf together, exchange visit-cards and wait in line to talk to another user that is currently engaged or away from the keyboard.

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