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Proceedings Of World Conference On Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia And Telecommunications, page 2589--2593 - 2005
The Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia, among its several branches, has a Department which focuses on the research and development of telematic tools for e-learning. Our Department is currently developing an Educational Help Desk that will be piloted at the Vocational Secondary School "Meucci?and should be launched before the end of this Academic Year. This learning support basically provides an online environment conducive to educational continuity, provided that the basic conditions for a successful learning process are met: indeed, online support by the teacher and a review of the topics presented in the classroom are two essential requirements for an effective educational support tool. The aim is to enable teachers to provide methodological tools in a time frame that is useful to students. This will be achieved through the setting up and piloting of online learning support stations throughout the network of schools.

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