Integrating xp project management in development environments

Manuela Angioni, Davide Carboni, S. Pinna, Raffaella Sanna, N. Serra, Alessandro Soro
Journal of System Architecture (JSA) - Special Issue: Agile Methodologies for Software Production, Volume 52, Number 11, page 619-626 - november 2006
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Extreme Programming (XP) is an Agile Methodology (AM) which doesn't require any specific supporting tool for being successfully applied. Despite this starting observation, there are many reasons leading a XP team to adopt Web based tools to support XP practices. For example, such tools could be useful for process and product data collection and analysis or for supporting distributed development. In this article we describe XPSuite, a tool composed of two parts: XPSwiki, a tool for managing XP projects and XP4IDE, a plug-in for integrating XPSwiki with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Moreover, we will show how the full Object Oriented implementation provides a powerful support for extracting all data represented in the model that the system implements

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