CRS Seismic Data Imaging: A Case Study for Basin Reevaluation

Lourenildo Williame Barbosa Leite, Zeno Heilmann, Anderson Batista Gomes
Revista Brasileira de Geofisica, Volume 25, Number 3, page 321--336 - 2007
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This paper summarizes practical results of a consistent attention to the seismic processing and interpretation of some land data lines from a set of the Tacutu graben (Brazil), where was applied the fundamental steps of the WIT imaging system grounded on the data-driven CRS (Common Reflection Surface) stack.As a major result, we expect to establish a work-flow for seismic reevaluation of sedimentary basins. Founded on the recovered wave front attributes of the CRS stack, a smooth macro-velocity model was obtained via tomographic inversion. Using this macro-model, pre- and post-stack depth migration was carried out. Besides that, other CRS-stack based processing techniques were performed in parallel as residual static correction and limited-aperture migration based on estimated projected Fresnel zone. A geological interpretation was attempted on the stacked and migrated sections. From visual details of the panels, we could interpret discontinuities, thinning, a principal faulted anticline where plays of horsts, grabens and rollovers are present. Also, part of the selected line needs more detailed processing to make better evident any present structures in the subsurface.

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