Webrogue: rendezvous in a web place

Alessandro Soro, Ivan Marcialis, Davide Carboni, Gavino Paddeu
International Journal of Web Based Communities, Volume 3, Number 4, page 448 -- 459 - 2007
In this paper, we describe the nuts and bolts of WebRogue. WebRogue is an internet tool, which bridges the gap between the virtual presence in a website and the full interaction with other users browsing the same page. The rationale behind WebRogue is simple indeed: a web browser and a chat client are linked together and each time the user loads a web page, he/she can see who is connected to that site and can start an end-to-end chat session with the other users. This allows web surfers to spontaneously aggregate around sites of interest, as happens in the real world, without being limited or controlled in any way by site owners. Additionally, WebRogue provides users with many functionalities to allow sophisticate interactions, such as whispering (sending private messages), screaming (sending a chat message that anyone can read), joining a group of users for group surfing and waiting in line.

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