Combustion analysis using Roe's scheme and the Spalart-Allmaras model

Toufik Belmrabet, Marco Talice, Giovanni Delussu, Marco Mulas, samir hanchi
AIAA Journal, Volume 47, Number 11, page 2726-2737 - november 2009
The present work describes an efficient computational method for the simulation of turbulent flames. The main three ingredients of the method are the Roe’s schemes, the Spalart & Allmaras 1-equation turbulence model and a general preconditioning technique. These three ingredients are well known to assure accuracy, robustness and generality. The solution of the conservation equa- tions is fully coupled and the method is implemented in a three-dimensional parallel implicit solver. This potentially allows the use of the same mathematical method for the analysis of turbulent reac- tive flows at all speeds. The choice of the Spalart&Allmaras model, as opposed to typical 2-equation models requires particular attention on the derivation of the micro-mixing time. Such a derivation is of fundamental importance, for the micro-mixing time represents the base upon which chemical source terms are built for many combustion models. Deriving a correct model for the micro-mixing time from the only resolved turbulent quantity kinematic eddy viscosity is challenging. In order to test the method, two low-Mach number (0.1-0.2) turbulent reactive flows are simulated using the Eddy Dissipation Model and the results are compared with both experiments and previous numer- ical studies. It is established that the proposed method leads to satisfactory results.

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