Biodoop: bioinformatics on hadoop

Simone Leo, Federico Andrea Santoni, Gianluigi Zanetti
The 38th International Conference On Parallel Processing Workshops (ICPPW 2009), page 415--422 - 2009
Bioinformatics applications currently require both processing of huge amounts of data and heavy computation. Fulfilling these requirements calls for simple ways to implement parallel computing. MapReduce is a general-purpose parallelization model that seems particularly well-suited to this task and for which an open source implementation (Hadoop) is available. Here we report on its application to three relevant algorithms: BLAST, GSEA and GRAMMAR. The first is characterized by relatively low-weight computation on large data sets,while the second requires heavy processing of relatively small data sets. The third one can be considered as containing a mixture of these two computational flavors. Our results are encouraging and indicate that the framework could have a wide range of bioinformatics applications while maintaining good computational efficiency, scalability and ease of maintenance.

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