Grida3: a shared resources manager for environmental data analysis and applications

Fabrizio Murgia, Riccardo Biddau, Alessandro Concas, Roberto Demontis, Luca Fanfani, Zeno Heilmann, Cristian Lai, Giuditta Lecca, Eva Barbara Lorrai, Marino Marrocu, Vittorio Marrone, Laura Muscas, Elisaveta Peneva, Andrea Piras, Massimo Pisu, Gabriella Pusceddu, Guido Satta, Daniela Theis, Andrea Vacca, Paolo Valera, Ana M. Vallenilla, Ernesto Bonomi
Earth Science Informatics, Volume 2, Number 1-2, page 5--21 - 2009
GRIDA3 (Shared Resources Manager for Environmental Data Analysis and Applications) is a multidisciplinary project designed to deliver an integrated system to forge solutions to some environmental challenges such as the constant increase of polluted sites, the sustainability of natural resources usage and the forecast of extreme meteorological events. The GRIDA3 portal is mainly based on Web 2.0 technologies and EnginFrame framework. The portal, now at an advanced stage of development, provides end-users with intuitive Web-interfaces and tools that simplify job submission to the underneath computing resources. The framework manages the user authentication and authorization, then controls the action and job execution into the grid computing environment, collects the results and transforms them into an useful format on the client side. The GRIDA3 Portal framework will provide a problem-solving platform allowing, through appropriate access policies, the integration and the sharing of skills, resources and tools located at multiple sites across federated domains.

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