Playing VKards to support cognitively impaired people on meal preparation

Andrea Piras, Sylvain Giroux, Jeremy Bauchet
Roots For The Future Of Ambient Intelligence - Adjunt Proceedings, page 277--280 - november 2009
The deficiencies of cognition are related to the reduction of brain cognitive capability and mainly affects reasoning, planning and solving capabilities of activities performed daily. The consequence is cognitively impaired people become dependent by families or Health Institutes. About us, augmenting the kitchen to support meal preparation is a key task to enhance autonomy, to combat the deficiency effects and a good mean to promote self- esteem. This paper describes an on-going work focused on extending an autonomous cognitive assistant, called Archipel, in order to collect input thanks to TUI relying on card games. They are defined conjugating simplicity, completely transparent technologies and well-known therapeutic practices, as the use of PECS visual supports.

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