Computation Fluid Dynamic Review 2010

Toufik Belmrabet, Marco Talice, Giovanni Delussu, samir hanchi
world scientific, page 357-376 - 2010
The extension of the classical Roe’s formulation to the numerical integration of fully compressible multi-component reacting flows is presented. The matrix of the five Navier Stokes equations, written in conservative form, is completed with a set of (N-1) transport equations for the species mass fractions. The Eddy Dissipation Model (EDM) is used as the combustion model of choice, whereas turbulence is taken into account using the one equation Spalart & Allmaras model. Coupling the above mentioned models represents a challenge, as the turbulence mixing time has to be derived from the only resolved turbulent quantity ºt. The method is validated against a set of test cases, proving to be able to give satisfactory results.

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