CRS-based Seismic Imaging in Complex Marine Geology

Hamilton Monteiro de Lima, Lourenildo Williame Barbosa Leite, Zeno Heilmann, Jurgen Mann
Technical Report , Wave Inversion Technology Consortium - 2010
Download the publication : Lima et al. 2010 WIT - CRS-BASED SEISMIC IMAGING IN COMPLEX MARINE.pdf [9Mo]  
This paper presents results of a consistent workflow for processing and imaging applied to marine seismic data. The data set was collected in the Southern Atlantic offshore Brazil. Searching for techniques to increase the data resolution, fundamental steps of signal processing together with imaging methods based on the data-driven CRS technology, such as CRS-stack based residual static correction and pre-stack data enhancement, were applied and proved to be successful. The final aim of the data processing and imaging sequence was to obtain sections ready to be submitted to geological interpretation. The latter was conducted on the final stacked and CRS time migrated sections. The obtained image panels allow for interpreting discontinuities, thinning, faults, anticlines, plays of horsts and grabens. Some selected parts of the line needed detail processing to make structures more evident that where partly hidden by the strong free surface multiples and diffractions.

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