Pilot Study on Schizophrenia in Sardinia

Jurg Ott, Fabio Macciardi, Yuanyuan Shen, Mauro G Carta, Andrea Murru, Riccardo Triunfo, Renato Robledo, Antoniettina Rinaldi, Licinio Contu, Marcello Siniscalco
Human Heredity, Volume 70, page 92-96 - june 2010
Objective: Based on a small sample of cases with schizophrenia and control individuals from an isolated population, a genome-wide association study was undertaken to find variants conferring susceptibility to this disease. Methods: Standard association tests were employed, followed by newer multilocus association methods (genotype patterns). Results: Individually, no variant produced a significant result. However, the best two variants (rs1360382 on chromosome 9 and rs1303 on chromosome 14) showed significantly different genotype pattern distributions between patients and control individuals. The risk genotype pattern AA-TT is highly predictive of schizophrenia, with estimated sensitivity and specificity of 1 and 0.96, respectively. Conclusions: These findings support the hypothesis that schizophrenia is partly due to multiple genetic variants, each with a relatively small effect.

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