Swimming into peptidomimetic chemical space using pepMMsMIMIC

Matteo Floris, Marco Fanton, Joel Pierre Masciocchi, Stefano Moro
Nucleic Acid Research Database Issue - 2011
pepMMsMIMIC is a novel web-oriented peptidomimetic compound virtual screening tool based on a multi-conformers three-dimensional (3D)-similarity search strategy. Key to the development of pepMMsMIMIC has been the creation of a library of 17 million conformers calculated from 3.9 million commercially available chemicals collected in the MMsINC® database. Using as input the 3D structure of a peptide bound to a protein, pepMMsMIMIC suggests which chemical structures are able to mimic the protein-protein recognition of this natural peptide using both pharmacophore and shape similarity techniques. We hope that the accessibility of pepMMsMIMIC (freely available at will encourage medicinal chemists to de-peptidize protein-protein recognition processes of biological interest, thus increasing the potential of in silico peptidomimetic compound screening of known small molecules to expedite drug development.

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