The V-City Project

Jesse Himmelstein, Olivier Balet, Fabio Ganovelli, Enrico Gobbetti, Matthias Specht, Pascal Mueller, Chris Engels, Luc Van Gool, Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, Armando Cavazzini
The 12th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage - october 2011
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3D geoinformatics have entered the digital age, hesitantly in some areas, and ra mpantly in others. Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth are household names. However, these projects are limited to textured 3D landscapes, aerial 2D images and a few boxy building envelopes. The V-City project is a European research in itiative to surpass these limitations, and create a system for intuitively explo ring large urban areas with a high degree of detail. Bringing together technolog ies from geoinformatics, virtual reality, computer graphics, and computer vision , the system constructs detailed 3D city models from geopositioned aerial images and building footprints. For networked browsing, city models are compressed and streamed for interactive viewing of entire landscapes. A unique tactile table h as also been developed to let multiple users visualize the same city model in st ereo 3D, and interact with it simultaneously using hand gestures. '

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