A qualitative thermo-fluid-dynamic analysis of a CO2 solar pipe receiver

Journal of Solar Energy, Volume 86, Number 3, page 926-934 - march 2012
Abstract In a parabolic trough of a CSP solar plant the solar rays are concentrated on a pipe positioned in the focus of the parabolic reflectors. A flow of carbon dioxide collects the heat from the heated pipe. The thermal gradient between the heated and not-heated part of the metallic pipe leads to receiver destruction while the high temperature in the enlightened part of the pipe can damage the special coating deposed on it. In this paper an extensive qualitative analysis has been made by mean of Ansys Fluent on a standard solar pipe receiver to improve the, convective, heat distribution around the pipe, in order to prevent its failure. Different methods are presented and discussed. In particular a parametric analysis of a pipe equipped with blades/fins is conducted.

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