Aspects of Processing, Inversion and Imaging of Marine Seismic Data

Lourenildo Williame Barbosa Leite
Collana Talks@CRS4, Number 20120801 - august 2012
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During the seminar will be presented main aspects of the work of the Applied Geophysics Department of the Federal University of ParĂ¡ (Belem, Brazil). Besides scientific methods and results, will also be presented scientific funding of projects, and possibilities for international collaboration will be briefly discussed. In the main part of the talk, examples for the application of different subsurface imaging methods applied to the marine geology of the Brazilian continental shelf are presented. Results of the CRS stack method are compared to Kirchhoff depth migration results that were obtained using a macro- velocity model generated by NIP tomography.The NIP tomography method is introduced and compared to a conventional approach based on semblance picking. Reverse time migration, a core area of present research, is briefly discussed and demonstrated by means of a synthetic data example. The influence of the forward modeling approach is evaluated comparing results obtained assuming a 2D medium and a 2.5D medium, respectively. Lourenildo Williame Barbosa Leite is a professor of geophysics at the Graduate Course in Geophysics, and member of the Department of Geophysics of the Federal University of ParĂ¡ (Belem, Brazil). His main emphasis at the present time is seismic wave propagation in thin layers for deconvolution and inversion problems.

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