A Steganalytic Algorithm for 3D Polygonal Meshes

Ying Yang, Ruggero Pintus, Holly Rushmeier, Ioannis Ivrissimtzis
20th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) - 2014
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We propose a steganalytic algorithm for watermarks embedded by Cho et al. mean-based algorithm. The main observation is that while in a clean model the means of Cho et al. normalized histogram bins are expected to follow a Gaussian distribution, in a marked model their distribution will be bimodal. The proposed algorithm estimates the number of bins through an exhaustive search and then the presence of a watermark is decided by a tailor made normality test. We also propose a modification of Cho et al. algorithm which is more resistant to the steganalytic attack and offers an improved robustness/capacity trade-off.

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