Assessing the Security of Buildings: A Virtual Studio Solution

Alexandre Ahmad, Olivier Balet, Arjen Boin, Julien Castet, Maureen Donnelley, Fabio Ganovelli, George Kokkinis, Giovanni Pintore
13th International Conference for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM) - may 2016
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This paper presents an innovative IT solution, a virtual studio, enabling security professionals to formulate, test and adjust security measures to enhance the security of critical buildings. The concept is to virtualize the environment, enabling experts to examine and assess and improve on a building’s security in a cost-effective and risk-free way. Our virtual studio solution makes use of the latest advances in computer graphics to reconstruct accurate blueprints as well as 3D representations of entire buildings in a very short timeframe. In addition, our solution enables the creation and simulation of multiple threat situations, allowing users to assess security procedures and various responses. Furthermore, we present a novel device, tailored to support collaborative security planning needs. Security experts from various disciplines evaluated our virtual studio solution, and their analysis is presented in this paper.

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