CFD simulation of a simplified model of the Sardinia Radio Telescope

Giulia Murtas, Manuela Profir, Vincent Moreau
Technical Report , CRS4, UNICA - 2017
Download the publication : Report_GiuliaMurtas_CRS4.pdf [8.3Mo]  
The main goal of this work is to examine the potentiality of the STAR­CCM+ software for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) when applied to a simplified astronomical analysis. In this framework, the construction of the numerical model of a radio telescope has been realized. The pressure and temperature profiles are investigated by simulating the combined effect of the sun and the wind at different speeds on the structure. The geometry of this simplified model is based on some of the features of the Sardinia Radio Telescope, a major radio astronomical facility located near San Basilio, in Sardinia.

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