Mobile metric capture and reconstruction in indoor environments

Giovanni Pintore, Fabio Ganovelli, Roberto Scopigno, Enrico Gobbetti
Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications, page 1:1--1:5 - november 2017
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Mobile devices have become progressively more attractive for solving environment sensing problems. Thanks to their multi-modal acquisition capabilities and their growing processing power, they can perform increasingly sophisticated computer vision and data fusion tasks. In this context, we summarize our recent advances in the acquisition and reconstruction of indoor structures, describing the evolution of the methods from current single-view approaches to novel mobile multi-view methodologies. Starting from an overview on the features and capabilities of current hardware (ranging from commodity smartphones to recent 360 degree cameras), we present in details specific real-world cases which exploit modern devices to acquire structural, visual and metric information.

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