MYRTE Grant Agreement number: 662186 D3.4 CIRCE Post-test CFD calculation report

A. Pucciarelli, N. Forgione, D. Martelli, D. Dovizio, K. Zwijsen, Vincent Moreau
Misc - april 2019
This document reports the work performed at the University of Pisa, NRG and CRS4 on the application of CFD tools for thermal-hydraulic analysis of the CIRCE facility. The main objective of the present work is investigating the heat losses towards the environment and the thermal stratification phenomena occurring inside the CIRCE pool, a computational domain of the facility was consequently setup. The performed work mainly consists of two parts: heat losses towards the environment were primarily assessed reproducing the transients tests concerning the pool cool down, in a second phase, instead, the heat exchanged between the pool and the internals and thermal stratification was investigated while dealing with the steady-states conditions. The obtained results provide interesting material for CFD, STH and coupled CFD/STH codes applications considering the CIRCE-HERO facility.

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