SESAME project Contract Number 654935 Deliverable D3.13: Solidification model development

Manuela Profir, Vincent Moreau
Misc - april 2019
In the framework of the SESAME WP3, numerical simulations of the SESAME-Stand experimental facility, built at CVR (Research centre Rez, Czech Republic), have been performed by CRS4 in STAR-CCM+ for the development of a solidification model with liquid lead as working fluid in the pool and air in the cooling channel. Increasing the mass flow rate in the cooling air channel, the solidification procedure is initiated and the freezing front propagates in the pool until reaching the internal obstacle. The numerical issues encountered during the pre-test simulations have been fully overcome by means of systematic investigations performed on a simplified test case and all the improvements have been successfully applied in the complete model. The correct implementation of the thermal radiation plays an important role in the cooling process. Steady state and transient simulations are performed according to the experimental matrix. The comparison with the experimental results show quite good agreement in the fast transient solidification-melting cases and similar temperature configuration and comparable frozen fractions in the steady state cases.

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