Pool sloshing effects during seismic events - PASCAL 1st (Virtual) Progress Meeting

Vincent Moreau, Manuela Profir
Misc - april 2021
Presentation performed during the first(virtual) progress meeting of the PASCAL European Euratom Project. WP4: Integrity and resistance Task 4.2: Pool sloshing during seismic events Sub-task 4.2.2: Numerical simulation and support to the experimental campaign. Summary of the activities performed during first six months: (i) Review of the CRS4 and some VKI past activities on similar topic. (ii) Preliminary tests: use of STARCCM+ imbedded features (iii)Confront of methodologies: moving mesh in inertial frame vs. steady mesh in non-inertial frame. (iv) Identification of first issue: mass (non-)conservation (v) Started quantification and qualification of sloshing: model instrumentation

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