Deformed Bundle pre-pre-tests: Appendix to D2.2 HELENA deformed reference case

Vincent Moreau, Muaaz Hussain, Manuela Profir
Technical Report , CRS4, NRG - 2023
This document covers -the pre-pre-tests on the deformed bundle (CRS4) -validation of case with maximum deformation (NRG) The pre-pre-tests are needed by ENEA to define, check and improve the HELENA deformed bundle design, instrumentation and test matrix. The pre-pre-tests from CRS4 are substantially validated by NRG. They show that (i) the initially proposed experiment with 2 mm maximum deformation is sound, because temperature variations are in the tens of K range, and safe because there are no excessively hot points, (ii) simulation of deformed pins can technically be performed and (iii) results are strongly conditioned by the conjugate heat transfer through the pin, raising compulsory the correct modelling of its different layers.

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