Sloshing of HLM: Seismic signal & Numerical simulation

Vincent Moreau, Manuela Profir
Misc - december 2023
Download the publication : PASCAL_202312WorkshopFinalVersion1.1.pptx [236.4Mo]  
Power-point presentation in support to a lecture given at the EU project PASCAL Joint WP2-WP4 workshop on December 14th 2023, hosted by JRC at the NRJ research center of Petten, Netherlands. The two-day workshop aimed to encourage knowledge transfer and discussion between experts and students/young researchers regarding the safety the HLM reactor coolant and aspects related to integrity and resistance of the structure of HLM reactors in the framework of the PASCAL project. This document reviews the work performed in order to understand the risk associated with sloshing in a pool-type Gen-IV reactor in case of earthquake. The angle of attack is the CFD numerical simulation. It is in counterpoint of another presentation by VKI showing the experimental side of the combined approach.

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