The SquAd derivation: A Square Additive approach to the turbulent Prandtl number

Vincent Moreau
Open Research Europe, Volume 3, Number 43 - march 2023
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Liquid metals have been chosen as primary coolant of innovative nuclear systems under current development. They present a very high thermal conductivity and hence a very low molecular Prandtl number. This feature challenges the modeling of turbulent thermal flows applying the Reynolds analogy. This paper addresses this challenge. A new formula for the turbulent Prandtl number is derived in terms of local variables available from two-equations turbulence models. The derivation is a direct consequence of the expected square additivity of the molecular and turbulent parameters defining the effective viscosity and the effective conductivity. The formula does not degenerate and leads to a Kays like formulation if approximated. While constrained by the quality of the turbulent viscosity modeling, it has the potential to improve the numerical simulation of turbulent thermal flows.

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