Partitioning & Transmutation presentation to BCISP_QC

Manuela Profir, Vincent Moreau
Misc - april 2023
Download the publication : 20April2023_2ndPresentation_CRS4_CISP_V2.pptx [127Mo]   20Aprilie2023_1stPresentation_CISP_V2.pptx [245.8Mo]  
These documents have been presented during a CRS4 internal meeting of the BCISP_QC group to introduce the activities of Manuela Profir and Vincent Moreau in the "Partitioning & Transmutation" framework. A first presentation by VM in Italian illustrates the historical, strategical and geographical contexts. Then, MP illustrates the most emblematic CFD simulations performed in the last years as well as ongoing developments. Last, an animation of sloshing in a cylindrical tank is shown.

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