Non-Invasive Survey Techniques to Study Nuragic Archaeological Sites: The Nanni Arrù Case Study (Sardinia, Italy)

Laura Muscas, Roberto Demontis, Eva Barbara Lorrai, Zeno Heilmann, Guido Satta, Gian Piero Deidda, Antonio Trogu
Geomatics, Volume 4, page 48--65 - february 2024
The Italian territory of Sardinia Island has an enormous cultural and identity heritage from the Pre-Nuragic and Nuragic periods, with archaeological evidence of more than 7000 sites. However, many other undiscovered remnants of these ancient times are believed to be present. In this context, it can be helpful to analyze data from different types of sensors on a single information technology platform, to better identify and perimeter hidden archaeological structures. The main objective of the study is to define a methodology that through the processing, analysis, and comparison of data obtained using different non-invasive survey techniques could help to identify and document archaeological sites not yet or only partially investigated. The non-invasive techniques include satellite, unmanned aerial vehicle, and geophysical surveys that have been applied at the nuraghe Nanni Arrù, one of the most important finds in recent times. The complexity of this ancient megalithic edifice and its surroundings represents an ideal use case. The surveys showed some anomalies in the areas south–east and north–east of the excavated portion of the Nanni Arrù site. The comparison between data obtained with the different survey techniques used in the study suggests that in areas where anomalies have been confirmed by multiple data types, buried structures may be present. To confirm this hypothesis, further studies are believed necessary, for example, additional geophysical surveys in the excavated part of the site.

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