Cabitza's Publications

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Publications in 1998
Contractual reports
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Maria Grazia Setzu, Gabriella Cabitza
CRS4, Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia Cagliari, Italy num. 98/18 techreport - 1998
Publications in 1996
Peer-reviewed publications in international events
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Gabriella Cabitza, Carlo Nardone, Claudio Bagaini, Andrea Balzano, Ernesto Bonomi, Leesa Brieger, Mauro Ennas, E. Garau, David Greco, Giuditta Lecca, Enrico Pieroni, Cinzia Rossi
High-Performance Computing and Networking Springer Berlin / Heidelberg Lecture Notes in Computer Science pages 290--296 vol. 1067 Liddell, Heather and Colbrook, Adrian and Hertzberger, Bob and Sloot, Peter Proc. Int. Conf. and Exibition Brussels, Belgium - april 1996