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Publications in 2008
Peer-reviewed publications in International Journals
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Wieslawa Mentzen, Peng J., Ransom N., Nikolau B. J., Wurtele E. S.
BMC Plant Biology vol. 8 num. 76 - 2008  doi: 10.1186/1471-2229-8-76
Publications in 2007
Books and Book Chapters
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Wurtele E. S., Li L., Berleant D., Cook D., Dickerson J. A., Ding J., Hofmann H., Lawrence M., Lee E., Linford J., Wieslawa Mentzen, Mansani L., Nikolau B. J., Ransom N., Wang Y.
Concepts in Plant Metabolomics, Springer Verlag incollection - 2007