HuMoRS: Huge models Mobile Rendering System

Marcos Balsa Rodriguez, Marco Agus, Fabio Marton, Enrico Gobbetti
Proc. ACM Web3D International Symposium, page 7--16 - august 2014
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We present HuMoRS, a networked 3D graphics system for interactively streaming and exploring massive 3D mesh models on mobile devices. % The system integrates a networked architecture for adaptive on-device rendering of multiresolution surfaces with a simple and effective interactive camera controller customized for touch-enabled mobile devices. During interaction, knowledge of the currently rendered scene is exploited to automatically center a rotation pivot and to propose context-dependent precomputed viewpoints. Both the object of interest and the viewpoint database are resident on a web server and adaptive transmission is demonstrated over wireless and phone connections in a Cultural Heritage application for the exploration of sub-millimetric colored reconstructions of stone statues. % We report also on a preliminary user-study comparing the performances of our camera navigation method with respect to the most popular Virtual TrackBall implementations, with and without pivoting.

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