CRS4 Publications

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Publications in 2012
Peer-reviewed publications in International Journals
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Federica Cerina, Vincenzo De Leo, Marc Barthelemy, Alessandro Chessa
PloS ONE vol. 7 num. 5 - 2012  doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0037507

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Daniel Marbach, James C. Costello, Robert K├╝ffner, Nicole M. Vega, Robert J. Prill, Diogo M. Camacho, Kyle R. Allison, Alberto de la Fuente, Vincenzo De Leo, Andrea Pinna, Nicola Soranzo, Manolis Kellis, James J. Collins, Gustavo Stolovitzky
Nature Methods pages 796-804 vol. 9 num. 8 - 2012  doi: 10.1038/nmeth.2016

Contractual reports
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Massimiliano Orsini, Gianmauro Cuccuru, Paolo Uva, Vincenzo De Leo, Andrea Pinna, Andrea Sbardellati, Nicola Soranzo, Antonella Travaglione, Giorgio Fotia
CRS4 Course and praticals material, IZS G. Caporale, Teramo - november 2012
Publications in 2011
Books and Book Chapters
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Vincenzo De Leo, Francesco Ricci, Nicola Soranzo, Alessandro Chessa, Alberto de la Fuente
Advances in Medicine and Biology, Nova Science Berhardt, Leon V. pages 141-166 vol. 16 chap. 4 Hauppauge, NY, USA - 2011
Publications in 2010
Various talks, works and publications
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Andrea Pinna, Nicola Soranzo, Vincenzo De Leo, Alberto de la Fuente
Poster contribution at DREAM5 2010 Conference and at FEBSX-SYSBIO 2011 Meeting - - 2010