A parallel spectral element method for dynamic soil-structure interaction problems

Fabio Maggio, Luca Massidda, R. Paolucci, M. Stupazzini
Misc - february 2006
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We illustrate the capability of a spectral element method to efficiently handle the numerical analysis of complex dynamic soil-structure interaction problems. Spectral elements are naturally suited for this class of applications: they provide high accuracy, are CAD-oriented, enjoy the flexibility of finite elements and allow the implementation of optimized parallel algorithms. Furthermore, spectral accuracy is the key to reduce the number of degrees of freedom and efficiently include in the 3D computational model both the structure and the surrounding soil. Therefore the need of sub-structuring techniques to deal with this type of problems is avoided. We illustrate the implementation of the method and provide numerical tests about its parallel performance. Finally, we show how our spectral element method is suitable for handling a challenging computational problem, such as the 3D analysis of building vibrations induced by underground train passage.

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