Turbulent Prandtl Number, reformulation of Kay’s correlation

Vincent Moreau
Academia Letters, Volume Article 2366 - july 2021
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The primary coolant of some Gen-IV reactors under current development is a liquid metalthermally characterized by a low Prandtl number [1]. This leads to discrepancies in the mod-eling of the turbulent heat transfer in the boundary layer region if directly treated accordingto the Reynolds analogy. Many correlations have been derived to tackle the issue [2]. Almostall of them use global parameters such as the Reynolds or Peclet numbers which are not welldened in complex geometries and by such not suitable for the related CFD simulations. Tothe author knowledge, only Kay’s correlation is using only local parameters. Several variantsof the correlations have been used with signicant success, leading to some perplexity. Thescope of this paper is to show that the correlations can be simply derived on a basic assump-tion with regards to the non-linear combination of stochastic eects. The variants then comefrom dierent approximations of a mother formula.

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