D43 Sloshing CFD modeling and validation SHAKESPEARE experimental campaign

Vincent Moreau, Manuela Profir
Technical Report 20230712, CRS4, Number 20230712 - july 2023
Download the publication : PASCAL D4.3_V0_Submitted.docx [13.8Mo]  
The aim of this document is to check whether the sloshing phenomena can be satisfactorily addressed by CFD simulations. The modelling approach needs to be compatible with the overall primary coolant simulation of pool-type GEN-IV HLM fast reactors such as ALFRED and MYRRHA. In the introduction, we describe the basic phenomenology, its relation to safety, and our operating strategy. The CFD modelling needs to be validated by comparison with experimental results. In the first part, we expose the rationales for the definition of an experimental campaign to be realized by VKI on the SHAKESPEARE platform. We justify the use of water in a cylindrical tank of diameter 60 cm also giving elements of dimensional analysis. Second, we describe the sloshing modelling and its CFD implementation. The Realizable k-e model is used with recommended STARCCM+ sub-models and parameter settings. Convection and temporal discretization are second order. Adaptive refinement of the free-surface is contemplated. A method to obtain with high accuracy the height of the free-surface in coincidence with a line-probe is described. The parameters determining the tank displacement are explicated. Numerical measures aimed both at controlling and maintaining the free-surface integrity are also described. An experimental test by VKI is used for comparison is used to refine, adapt and validate the CFD modelling, leading to abandon the turbulent setting in favor of the laminar one. The experimental abrupt transition from the planar to the chaotic mode is reproduced with high precision by the CFD simulation. It is found out that the transition does not take place where expected from literature. For different forcing amplitudes, new frequency transition values are numerically determined and if later proved correct experimentally will demonstrate the capability of CFD to capture the essential sloshing phenomena.

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